Clips From Friday: Tyler Perry on his childhood and his new film “Alex Cross”

Tyler Perry, a man with an inner strength and a forgiving heart. Tyler Perry’s path was not an easy one in the beginning, but he has made it and remains humble. TP has taken to the big screen as Alex Cross. Two thumbs up!!

Piers Morgan

On Friday, “Piers Morgan Tonight” welcomed Actor, Producer, Writer and Businessman Tyler Perry for a very in-depth and candid interview. The star and creator of the highly successful “Madea” series opened up to Piers Morgan about his troubled childhood.

Perry revealed to Morgan that his relationship with his father was an abusive one. Later in life, through conversations with his relatives, Perry learned that his father’s actions were a result of learned behavior, explaining that his father was “abused his entire life.”

“He [Perry’s father] was brought to a 14 year-old woman named May (ph) to raise,” said Perry. “And everything that she knew to do to get these children to behave was to beat them. And she would tie them in a potato sack, hang them in a tree and she would beat them.”

With the knowledge and understanding of his father’s past, Perry was able to forgive his…

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