Coming Soon: The Movie Roles of a Life Time

I can’t stop talking about Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s all about Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, my favorite characters of all time. If you’re like me, you have been wishing and hoping that one day it would be made into a movie that these characters would leap off the pages and onto the big screen. Well, there is no need to hope anymore, our wish is about to come true. Fifty Shades of Grey will be on the big screen for all to see- who are of age of course. The “chosen ones”, the actor and actress who will play Christian and Anastasia will be the luckiest people in the business.
Their lives will be changed forever, they will become our movie couple of the century and for all the little details they must make come alive on screen, I think they will have earned that title. What they don’t realize is that this relationship on screen will be therapy for millions of couples and a new beginning for others. Bedroom toy sales will sky rocket and what a way to help the economy. Who knew?
I’m a diehard fan of Fifty Shades of Grey and I want to choose who will play the lead characters. This is what fans do when they are not chosen to play the part, they think of all their favorite stars that can play the role of a lifetime and do the role justice. So, here we go, starting with the leading man it should be William Levy, Michael Muhney, or Christian Bale. The lead actress, who can make Christian Grey’s dominance disappear for a little while should be, Felicity Jones, Emilia Clark or Keira Knightly. You don’t have to tell me, I know there are others who could play the parts of Christian and Anastasia, but this is my list, the list I wouldn’t mind being on, oh how I wish.

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