The Biggest Mistake Women Make

The day that women think about more than any other day in their entire life is their wedding day. This day is planned to perfection; it’s been in the making for some women since grade school. They dream about it, young girls imagine walking down the aisle and by high school they have purchased every wedding magazine in publication. After being the bridesmaids time and time again, it finally happens, no longer the bridesmaid, but the bride, roses, reception, doves and all. The problem is and the biggest mistake of all is women stop at the honeymoon.

Women don’t take time to think about the long term with this other person. Women spend so much time preparing for that day and forgetting about the many days and years ahead that they will be spending with the man they call their one true love. Everyday will not be like the wedding day or honeymoon, there will be good days and bad days and the days where you will ask yourself why did I marry this man? There will be days when you will wonder if you can handle his faults for eternity. These are the same faults that were there all along, but were easily forgiven or considered no big deal because the goal was the wedding.

Television shows could be to blame with all the hoopla over big weddings, which make us believe that love is all you need, but women should know entertainment when they see it. Women don’t rush to get married, think past the wedding day and think about the rest of your life. Think about who is worthy to get that much of your time.

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