1600 Pennsylvania Ave

The day is nearing, when we will decide who will occupy the famous address in D.C. Will it be the sitting President or Mitt Romney? My vote is for President Obama and I will tell you why. President Obama came into office facing the darkest times in American history. He was willing to get in there and fight for what is right for all Americans. President Obama was and still is fighting for fairness for all people not just a particular class of people.

What people are forgetting is that it took eight years to get us in this mess and they wanted President Obama to fix it in four years. I know a lot of you can relate to what I’m about to say. Congress is like your spouse or significant other, you are trying to balance your checkbook and they are not working with you to get it done. Well, that is what President Obama faces when it comes to working with some of the people in Congress they are fighting him every step of the way. How can he accomplish the goals he has set forth if he doesn’t have support?

Where we go wrong in this country is that we need to vote not only in the Presidential election, but in the local elections too. These are the people who run the city, county and state. The same people who go on to run for Congress. President Obama can’t do it all by himself, just like couples need to be able to count on each other and hope that each person in the relationship wants the best for each other and the family unit as a whole, we hope that the people we send to Congress will work with the President and want the best for the American people as a whole.

As far as Governor Romney, I think he is saying what he has to say to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but once he settles in, his agenda will not be for the middle class, his agenda will be to undo what President Obama has done to help lower income families, middle class families, our military families, women’s rights, healthcare, education and foreign relations. Governor Romney’s intentions are not transparent. Make your vote count in every election and make sure the person you vote for cares about everyone not just a select few.

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