The Marathon Madness

When does a marathon become more important than those who are suffering from the loss of their loved ones, their home and their livelihood? We witness everyday in the news how there is so little regard for human life and we are seeing it again after Hurricane Sandy. This country has seen its share of natural disasters, so does this mean for each disaster that strikes we begin to care less and less about others, I would hope not. Human life is so precious and sometimes we forget just how precious it is, but a disaster will remind us.

An event such as a marathon can be rescheduled, but once a love one is gone that is it. Will it take another hurricane for us to recognize that humanity trumps everything else? God doesn’t care about how many medals and trophies we collect. God doesn’t care about first, second, and third place positions, but he does care about how we treat one another, how we care about those less fortunate than ourselves and how we reach out to those that are going through difficult times. Give New York and New Jersey hope and show them God’s kind of love.

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