An Affair Is Bad, But An Emotional Affair is Worse

                                                                    Paula Broadwell                                                               General David Petraeus                                                                       Holly Petraeus

Too bad for politicians, because what they do in the dark comes to light and the light shines so bright that everyone gets to see the wrong. They aren’t the only ones that have done what God has said is a flat out sin, but it boils down to career choice that allows for the behavior  of our public servants to be put on blast and then have it broadcast around the globe. A next door neighbor could break their vows and all we would hear are whispers, and they only travel so far. I know when we think of affairs we think of sex, and to be honest people can probably get that anywhere, it’s the emotional affair that is the worst of all.

Our emotions know no bounds and we have to learn self control over our emotions or be willing to suffer long term consequences. Giving into our emotions, is like giving our emotions all power to run rampant, eventually ruining lives, ending careers and relationships. Sometimes people’s emotions are in so deep they don’t want out or they are in so deep they can’t see their way out and hope to get caught. The emotional affair can become a burden so much so that one may confess to the forbidden, in the hope of getting control back over their life. Now, in the case of David Petraeus, was it sex or emotional, whatever it was it ruin the career of a man well respected by the military and civilians alike. General Petraeus’ current career may be over, but if the affair was emotional, will his marriage survive it, only time will tell.

One thought on “An Affair Is Bad, But An Emotional Affair is Worse

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