Put It Back On The Parents

On the issue of kids not doing well in school, teachers have taken the blame for way too long. Let’s be honest, parents need to do more to prepare their children for the 21st century’s innovative, tech savvy, dot.com world and beyond. Before children our introduced to their first outside teacher, there are lessons to be learned in the home.

Emphasis has to be put on the foundation of the learning process, and if this is not taken seriously, it could make or break a child’s future opportunities. Our teachers shouldn’t have to prepare the educational path and teach our children as well.

It is not the responsibility of the teachers to teach children to count to 100, tie their shoes, potty train them, teach them their ABC’s, to learn self control, to use their manners, to know their right from their left, and their colors. Teachers should not have to teach children how to write their first and last name and to know their address. Children should recognize certain vocabulary words and be able to read some books. These are just some of the things kids should know before the first day of school and do it well, with some heavy duty parent involvement.

I have never understood the “blame the teacher and blame the school system” no, blame the parents. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are parents who make sure their kids are ready on the first day of school and kudos to them, but we need to have more parents with that same vision and goal for their children.

My solution to the education crisis is that all pre-school children would have a Kindergarten curriculum, and parents would have to show before the first day of school that their child has mastered the necessary skills to enter Kindergarten. Next, kids in Kindergarten would have a first grade curriculum and by the 12th grade every student would be taking freshman college courses. The results would have us with the best of the best educated young people ready to take on the competitive job market.

I can only imagine what it would be like to have a multitude of parents participating in the education factor- which begins at home. From this day forward, when we send our children out to face what’s ahead let’s guarantee they are ready.

One thought on “Put It Back On The Parents

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