When Powerful People Become Weak

Private, confidential, do not open, and top secret can be tossed out along with the house phone. Those were the good old days before technology became boss, and because of that technology another leader has been caught in what pleases the mind, body and soul. What is surprising is the fact that General Petraeus is extremely knowledgeable on how high the cost is if sensitive or personal information is leaked, and the damage that it can cause, if it gets into the wrong hands.

Did David Petraeus think the emails and conversations were safe and even sacred enough not to be scrutinized if need be? Maybe this would have been the case, but General Petraeus’ association with Paula Broadwell got the best of him and Paula’s numerous emails and hitting send too many times got the best of her.

Everyone involved forgot their role and their position and didn’t think long and hard enough about the implications if their relationship were to become public, and they definitely forgot about the role technology plays and the power it has over everything we do.

Yes, moments of weakness can and does happen, but the strength not to give into it has to be stronger than the weakness, and going by the details of this scandal, this advice is a little too late.

I don’t know what other information will come out before this is all over, but I hope this will be a lesson learned, and I’m sure a movie script is on the way.

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