How to Make Your Relationship Last in 2013 and Longer

Happy New Year! Now how happy is it, if you are wondering will this relationship last longer than the last one? We all want a relationship that will last for eternity, but we don’t do what is required to keep it exciting and hot and lasting longer than six months. If you want a monogamous and satisfying relationship then here is what you need to do to keep him or her happy, and it’s pretty simple:

For the men – how to please your woman

-Have eyes only for her.

-Buy gifts just for her.

-Cook dinner for her.

-When your woman is talking, look her in the eyes and let her know she has your full attention and communicate.

-Help with the kids, she didn’t make them all by herself and if you are dating someone with kids, they come as a package, which I am sure all of you men have heard this before.

Side note: If you are not interested in a package deal then stop going after the bundle and get the single item, and not to scold only the men, but ladies please stop, do not introduce your kids to every guy that you date, make sure that he is the one. Okay enough of that.

For the ladies – how to please your man

-Ladies, wear the sexy stuff you wore when the two of you had sex the very first time (and ladies you know what I mean, that very first time when he was probably thinking you must own Victoria Secrets), yeah that sexy stuff and wear it more than just for his birthday. Wear it for the heck of it and when he asks what the occasion is, you tell him, because it’s Tuesday. That should do it.

-Give him sex, sex, and more sex and wherever is fine with him.

To help your relationship last, keep your friends and relatives out of it, of course they care and mean well, but their opinions can do more harm than good.

And by the way, don’t forget date nights, those are always good and will help you to remember why that special person is so special.

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