ABC’s Scandal

When there’s a scandal, everyone talks about it. And WOW, ABC’s Scandal is no different, the prime time show is a hit and the twitter universe is letting the world know it. We have Fitz Grant, (Tony Goldwyn) the President of the United States, the nation’s leader involved in more than policies and being Commander-in Chief.

Tony Goldwyn

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is strong, smart, clever and creative and known for her problem solving abilities. She formerly worked as the Communications Director for President Grant and left to start her own business, doing what she does best, cleaning up messes before anyone knows there was a mess to begin with. Now, new dilemmas and more drama have Olivia Pope involved with the White House all over again.

Kerry Washington at work


fitz 1

Scandal trio

First Lady Mellie Grant (Belllamy Young) has her own agenda, telling her husband the President how to run the White House.

But President Grant is juggling more than White House duties and trying to keep his wife Mellie from ruining his career.

Olivia and Fitz

Fitz and Olivia

Olivia Pope can handle any assignment because she is a professional, and then there is the Olivia Pope, the woman who has fallen in love with the one man she is forbidden to be with or love, Fitz Grant, the President of the United States.

olivia and mellie

fitz 6

There are secrets in the White House, secret things that are done in the dark that could soon come to light. There is SCANDAL.

Scandal poster

Scandal pic

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