Blessings and Burdens of First Ladies

How many women actually dream of being a First Lady? If we did a survey, some would be all in and others would pass on something that can change your life so dramatically. I have much respect for “First Ladies” whether it is our very own First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, or First Ladies of churches everywhere. Being in the position of First Lady and sharing their husband with the city, the country or the world must be challenging. To watch their husband get swallowed up in meetings, conferences, events, and comforting the lost, suffering and broken hearted can be hard for any wife. We don’t think twice about it, we just know that when we need them, President or Pastor, we want them to be available.

This can be a burden for the First Lady and family, but a blessing when she witnesses how her better half is making the world a better place, and forever showing an ongoing compassion for humanity. I will always pray for our First Ladies and pray that their love for their husband will never end. I pray that God gives them the strength to endure all that they will be faced with as they support their husband and keep the family unit together. I pray that God showers every First Lady with an abundance of patience and understanding, that when the world calls upon their husband they will remember that their husband was called by God to do great works.

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