You Love Him, But He Doesn’t Love You

I love you and you wait for him to say the words “I love you too”, but you get silence or a change in conversation. That’s a big red flag that he doesn’t love you, not right now and maybe never. The question is do you accept the relationship as is or move on?

Well, before you move on ask the question how did the relationship start out? Were you friends first or was it sexual fireworks to the 10th degree? The answer could determine where the relationship might be headed.

If you want him to love you, do not pressure him and do not be the first to say I love you. Men “like” and women “love”, and women fall fast and hard when they think they are in love. Slow down ladies, put the brakes on your emotions and enjoy the ride, and eventually he might just coast right into your arms and whisper I love you, but more importantly be in love with you.

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