ABC’s Scandal Continues to be the Best Show on TV

scandal cast


I have blogged about this before and I’m doing it again… Scandal, the best television show we have had in a very long time. Scandal is addictive and a conversation starter without a doubt, try it and you will see. Scandal is real life stuff, romance, drama, lies and love. Scandalmania is our connection to that stuff.

How does one show captivate so many people and draws us into a world where we think we can handle anything and fix everything. A show that has a majority of us believing we are “GLADIATORS”. Scandal is on top in a big way. The relationship with fans is remarkable. Scandal’s viewing audience is massive and growing and social media is its playground.

I think what has us all intrigued is that Scandal touches on reality; there are secrets, the White House and its dirty laundry, we have the affairs of the heart. We witness the marital problems and the wife who knows the “other woman”, but doesn’t know how to fix the problem (wifey is not a Gladiator) or how to do a payback for the humiliation of it all.

Now, the huge mystery for me is who are the infamous gladiators? How did Olivia Pope meet them and how dark is each of their past?

Now let’s talk about Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, she is phenomenal. She is strong and weak. Olivia gets the job done and encourages her team when they are down, which always seems to be at the same time she needs a little encouragement of her own. It‘s her weakness that keeps us coming back each week. Olivia Pope is like some of us, we want what we want when we want it, even though it is not good for us. We try so hard to let it go, but find ourselves back in all over again.

We love Olivia and we know that what she is doing is sinfully wrong, but she is in love with the President of the United States, how can we not feel her agony? When Olivia is happy, we are happy and when she is sad we are sad as well, but we cannot stay sad for too long because we are gladiators. Right?

Scandal is the only outcome when a women like Olivia Pope is in a relationship with the most powerful man in the world and he is not available and the people who work for her have baggage from the past and will do any unlawful thing she needs them to do, just tell them when, where, and how to do it. Yes, that’s how it’s done.

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