The Intersections of Life

If you are going to have a Plan A make sure you have a Plan B. There are so many decisions in life from which college to attend to how many children to have? We start preparing and planning for these things early in life. We write down our goals and share our dreams with family and our closest friends. Oh yes the picture is so clear, the plan and the ending, but it’s what happens along the way that can ruin even the best of plans.

When the ending arrives for some of those grandiose plans you have purposely made you shake your head and ask yourself, what went wrong? Saying things like this wasn’t the plan. I’ll tell you what happened you forgot about the stops along the way, the intersections and life’s little detours that are up ahead. No Plan B in sight.

We don’t think about the intersections when things are going smoothly, it’s when you come to a point where you have to make a decision, will I go left or right because straight is not an option anymore. We hesitate to make the turn because we don’t know which way is best and which turn will get me back on track to my beautifully laid out plan I have for my life. Now we are forced to turn, which would not be a complete surprise if we had only planned for the “what ifs”….if this happens I’ll do this and if this happens I’ll do that.

Stuff happens, so have a Plan B and deal with it or be disappointed and depressed about it. It will be at the intersections of your life that you will remember the game plan when things get off course. You will know which way to go because you took the extra time to think about the “what ifs” and put a plan in place for them. One wrong turn can end up being a maze of misery you can’t get out of. Wishing you could do it all over again and some do get a second chance, and look at all the time wasted.

It’s nice to plan, but plan for the unexpected so when the intersections come you will make the right decisions at every turn and still get the outcome that you desire and planned for from the beginning. Always work your plan and not someone else’s plan. That is their success story to tell, create your own plan to success and you will have a story all your own.

To successful planning and happy endings!!

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