He Loves You, but He Likes Her, Her, and Her: Why You Are Not the Only One

Men are a different species for sure. What do men want, really? What do they like? The answer is women and every now and then it’s more than one woman at one time. I don’t think men set out to hurt women, but there are so many women to choose from. They have more to choose from because as we all know there are more women than there are men and that adds up to more choices. Out of all the selections that men get to make in their lives this one offers the biggest selection.

The dilemma being that so many women catch their eye and temptation is all around them. Some men do want commitment, but what happens when he begins to like someone else? Is the love for you strong enough that he will not stray and feed the “I like her” curiosity? Women I encourage you to talk to some of your male friends and find out what makes them tick. I have talked to some, and one of the reasons men stray is because of this one thing; they like variety. They want something different; they don’t want to lose you, they just want something different sometimes.

Ladies, I am not saying that this is okay or saying that you should accept this, I just want to bring more awareness to something that is a big issue for a lot of women and provide at least one answer to why you are not the only one. If you know of other reasons please share.

Some men are faithful and there are many men that are not faithful. For those of you living with or married to a faithful man count it a blessing and for everyone else trying and hoping he will change, I guess you have some decisions to make.

2 thoughts on “He Loves You, but He Likes Her, Her, and Her: Why You Are Not the Only One

  1. writingbolt

    I think you are the first woman to discuss men this way. How refreshing:) However, I think the fraction of women to men may be subject to location and opinion. I do not think there are more women than men around. I think you just often see more women around fewer men unless the locale is a very male locale. For instance, if you go to a strip club with female strippers, most customers would be men. Before I go too far with this, realize there aren’t too many places guys hang out by themselves anymore:P It seems women have poked their noses into every pie. They go to the sports games if they are sporty. They hang out at the same bars because everyone wants to get drunk and forget yesterday these days (except me). But, I suspect more guys stay home or somewhere unseen by the majority of women. And, when women go out, they see more of each other than they do men because…well, they all squawk in the same hen houses:P

    THANK YOU! Of course I don’t intend to hurt women by taking notice of other attractive women. And, personally, I never wish to indulge in a secretive affair because I have seen plenty of the results. It’s not good. It’s better to be polygamous and be sure the women like each other than to claim trophy wives or fool around when committed to one.

    However, I have met my share of guys who seem okay with “getting it” wherever and whenever they can. [And, I would not be surprised if women admit this, too.] When a guy (or gal) says, “Gosh, I need to get laid. I haven’t had sex in __,” you are dealing with someone who isn’t too serious about committing to that idealized white wedding scenario. No. And, no, it’s not just men who say it.

    I think one of the key problems with commitment is that bit about saying “You are the most beautiful.” Why do lovers bother to say this when they can run into someone as or more attractive walking down the street? We should never tell our chosen lover that they are the MOST anything. My teachers often told me not to speak in absolutes for a reason. So, because we cannot honestly say our mate is the one and only, the most __, the perfect specimen, we bite our tongue and keep our wandering thoughts to ourselves.

    Variety does have its merit. I have my harem fantasies:) But, someone once told me not to ask for more than one can handle. And, since many cannot hang onto their one, how can they expect to hang onto more than one unless the two or more agree to get along? It would be like holding two balloons separately and trying to keep them both and separate during all kinds of weather. It would be a challenge.

    Do not women do the same? If a woman is with a man she accepts into her realm–because she does not want to be too picky and lose an opportunity presented to her–and another man comes along who proves to be either more dreamy/charming or successful than her present man, isn’t she tempted to make that crucial decision? She’s less likely to cheat (perhaps). But, she’s just as likely to consider hitting the eject button on her present man (unless she’s the type to hold onto what she has until it kicks her to the curb or beats her senseless).

    If women are like cats and men are like dogs (or the other way around if you prefer), a person (man usually, but woman possibly too) is bound to be more faithful given the necessary space to exist/grow. If you water your plants and give them proper light for their kind, they grow beautifully. If you feed, clean, care for and walk your pets (or let them walk), they will stay by you and respect you until some unknown force calls them away. If your partner is feeling crowded, cramped, bored, smothered, unable to speak openly, abused…their loyalty will fracture.

    Being faithful isn’t simply a have or have not. It’s how the “plant” is tended. A neglected plant can be rescued with proper care. But, each person is a bit different though we have similar needs.

    Pardon my blog-length thoughts:D


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