Getting the Man That Is On Your Radar

To Get the Guy You Want
1. Be approachable, likeable and smile.
2. Always be yourself, don’t be fake and let him see the real you at all times.
3. Don’t talk about your ex. good or bad it might sound like you are not really over him.
4. Don’t ask him about marriage, you don’t want to scare him off.
5. Love the game, football, basketball, golf, etc. a girl who likes sports and can talk about sports, he will think he hit the jackpot!
6. Have fun; know how to have fun with and without him. This will show him that you are not clingy and you have a life of your own.
7. Give him space and understand that men will be men. He is going to hang out with the fellas, so don’t be mad, it is a waste of time.

How To Keep Your Guy
1. Don’t nag.
2. Ask about his mother. Get along with his mother.
3. Cook his favorite meals.
4. Surprise him with tickets to a game to watch his favorite pro team.
5. Sex! Sex! Sex! Different positions and different locations. Ladies that includes oral sex too.
6. Keep doing the seven tips listed in “To Get the Guy You Want.”

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