Unfinished Business


I love being 50, and I don’t have time to waste anymore time. I have unfinished business to take care of.

How many times can you start or stop a goal or project? I refuse to count. Well, I’m starting again and by that I mean school. I have to get my college degree no matter how many obstacles I encounter; it’s a goal I will reach. My degree for me is my new beginning, it is my life, it is my career, and it is my B.S. in Public Relations!!

I often wonder how many others in the 50’s club are trying to get their degree and like me get sidetracked and off course when things come up or go down.  Hey, let’s keep it moving and vow to get our degrees together.

To be able to attend college is a blessing with endless opportunities to learn new subjects and soak up all that wonderful knowledge.  The entire college experience in your 50’s is awesome, because you realize that you still got what it takes to grasp new concepts, adding a little of what you know from past experiences and BOOM there it is, more knowledge .

When I graduate I will set out to get the job that is meant for me, because whatever job is meant for me is for ME and that is the only job I want. I will apply what I have learned and share it with others. Pay it forward is what people say, which is a good thing and so it will be done.

To all the 50 something year olds out there writing papers, taking mid terms and finals, and doing group projects, I wish you much success on your college journey.  May you receive good grades; get those assignments turned in on time, rest when you need it and eventually your dream job after college life!!

Going to college at the age of 50, talk about challenging myself, this is it!! And I’ll do it and then look for some other “WOW” thing to do. Can’t let the mind become lazy, that is not an option.  But first I have some unfinished business right in my view and it is a top priority and that is becoming a college graduate. Oh and I can’t forget to set a time frame in which to achieve this goal….I am going to graduate in the spring of 2016!!

Education has no age boundaries.

Good Luck college students!!!


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