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I love social media!! I believe that if you want change you have to take action and make things happen, so I created a blog, check it out at My blog welcomes you to the world of relationships, fashion, celebrity life, politics and more. Oh no, I didn’t stop there; I worked fiercely and cemented the deal for my friend and talk show host Sha Dixon to grace the cover and also be featured in the December 2012 issue of SwagHer magazine, it’s an online publication for women. This accomplishment has been the highlight of my new journey, because not only did I help a friend gain more exposure for her talk show Tips and Tea, this experience pushed me even closer to my destiny to work in social media. Everyone has a story, ideas and opinions, and businesses have products to sell to consumers. Well, there is no better way or smarter move than to promote what you think, how you feel or want to sell, but through social media. I have done volunteer work with WCMH-TV NBC4i Health and Fitness Expo assisting with the distribution of booklets and greeting participants. I volunteered weekly at VoiceCorps, a radio reading service for the blind and directed local media personalities and community leaders to the appropriate areas for the Celebrity Read In for a Care-A-Thon fundraiser held at VoiceCorps. I was also the audience coordinator for Tips and Tea when the show was in Atlanta (I did this from Ohio). I recently joined a group called the Diva Movement, it is geared towards helping women reach their goals and become the best that they can be and this is done through various workshops, but there is fun too, the Diva Movement Book Club and girls night out. I see social media as being like a waterfall spilling into the ocean at the speed of light. For example, if you say or do the right thing it can get hundreds to ten thousand likes on Facebook or go viral on You Tube in an instant. People can share information on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Stumble Upon, Tumblr, Digg, Pinterest, or Reddit, and be connected with others with similar interests in a matter of seconds. Social media is exciting and engaging, it’s the best way to show off your personality and show the world what you have to offer. This year fight for your dreams. Change your story.

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It wasn’t enough to come to Monday’s Met Gala and outshine all the other stars in attendance.

No, Jay Z and Beyoncé had to make us swoon, too.

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The Diva Movement-Ohio


Diva logo



The Diva Movement turns One

Celebrating one year of impacting the lives of women

On March 22,2014 approximately 200 men and women gathered to celebrate the anniversary of The Diva Movement.  We had a wonderful evening of entertainment, musical and spoken word performances from a Stellar cast of artists and musicians.  We would like to say “Thank You” to everyone that was involved in making the celebration a tremendous success.  We look forward to another successful year of serving women worldwide.  For pictures and highlights please visit our website.


Unfinished Business


I love being 50, and I don’t have time to waste anymore time. I have unfinished business to take care of.

How many times can you start or stop a goal or project? I refuse to count. Well, I’m starting again and by that I mean school. I have to get my college degree no matter how many obstacles I encounter; it’s a goal I will reach. My degree for me is my new beginning, it is my life, it is my career, and it is my B.S. in Public Relations!!

I often wonder how many others in the 50’s club are trying to get their degree and like me get sidetracked and off course when things come up or go down.  Hey, let’s keep it moving and vow to get our degrees together.

To be able to attend college is a blessing with endless opportunities to learn new subjects and soak up all that wonderful knowledge.  The entire college experience in your 50’s is awesome, because you realize that you still got what it takes to grasp new concepts, adding a little of what you know from past experiences and BOOM there it is, more knowledge .

When I graduate I will set out to get the job that is meant for me, because whatever job is meant for me is for ME and that is the only job I want. I will apply what I have learned and share it with others. Pay it forward is what people say, which is a good thing and so it will be done.

To all the 50 something year olds out there writing papers, taking mid terms and finals, and doing group projects, I wish you much success on your college journey.  May you receive good grades; get those assignments turned in on time, rest when you need it and eventually your dream job after college life!!

Going to college at the age of 50, talk about challenging myself, this is it!! And I’ll do it and then look for some other “WOW” thing to do. Can’t let the mind become lazy, that is not an option.  But first I have some unfinished business right in my view and it is a top priority and that is becoming a college graduate. Oh and I can’t forget to set a time frame in which to achieve this goal….I am going to graduate in the spring of 2016!!

Education has no age boundaries.

Good Luck college students!!!

5 Things to Do in 2014


If you are wondering what the New Year will bring, this is your chance to shine:

1. Live your life with purpose.
What are your goals? What is your passion? Life is too short to waste time doing things that don’t excite you. What you want are things to do that make you want to get up in the morning full of energy and ready to go! Start today researching the skills you need to start a new career or new hobby. Once you have a new career in mind, ask friends do they know someone in that field, maybe that person can become your mentor. Take classes to prepare yourself for your new career. The only way to change the way your life is heading is to take it in a new direction.

2. Help your community.
What would our communities be if it were not for volunteers? Volunteering is a way to give back, making it better for the next generation. Check online for volunteer opportunities. Don’t worry about having the time to volunteer, most volunteer positions work around your schedule.

3. Forgiving someone who has hurt you.
We have all done it, held onto past hurts and held grudges for so long that we don’t remember why we are mad at the person. Forgiving is good for your health and well being. When you can’t forgive it can cause illness. Forgive and move on.

4. Challenge yourself to learn something new.
Doing the same thing day in and day out can get pretty boring, so make 2014 a year to try at least one new thing, such as jet skiing, rock climbing, skating, or learning how to cook a new Italian dish. The possibilities are endless. There are so many things to try, don’t be scared just do it!

5. Passing on your wisdom and knowledge to a young person.
We talk about how are children are behind educationally compared to other countries and how our children are in need of more role models. Well, here is your chance, because learning doesn’t have to come from the teachers in the classrooms, take what you know and share it with a child or teenager. Open their minds up to new information and help them to become well rounded individuals. For the most part as parents, we want happy children who grow up to become productive citizens in society. It’s a good feeling when you know that you contributed to that by sharing what you know.

I hope the year 2014, will be bolder and better than you ever dreamed of. Make it happen!!

10 Types of Women That Men Do Not Want to Marry …

By Samantha Daniels

10 Types of Women That Men Do Not Want to Marry

(Originally appeared on The Huffington Post on April 15, 2013.)

I recently wrote an article here on Huffington Post Women entitled 10 Types of Men Who Won’t Marry You and in response to it, I have gotten over 1,000 comments as well as endless emails asking me why I hadn’t written a similar list of types of women. As a result, I have created such a list here, using the opinions that I have heard from tens of thousands of men during my years working as a matchmaker. The fact is, if you are a woman and you want to get married, you need to be smart about your dating. This means avoiding certain male types, but it also means recognizing what you are doing wrong in your dating and whether the type of woman you are putting out there to the male population attracts or repels them. To figure this out, you can start by considering the list below and whether you, at times, are any of these quite unattractive female types:

Miss “Bossy Pants”: This woman usually can’t help herself; she has bossy in her DNA. When a man first meets her, he might think this character trait is cute, for awhile. However, once he starts to feel like he is in grammar school being told what to do by his second grade teacher, he will give this woman her walking papers.

Miss “Playing Games With His Heart”: This woman thinks that being a game player will help herland a man. However, even though a man might be intrigued by a hard to get lady in the beginning, as soon as he decides that he is interested in her, all he wants is an honest straightshooter. If this woman doesn’t remove Battleship from her repertoire quite quickly, she will be shown the door before she can evensink his vessel.

Miss “I Want To Change You”: This woman is lurking everywhere. She is the type of woman many men are the most leery of. (Of course, there are some men who love this woman because of their own insecurities.) She claims that she loves her guy just the way he is, but little by little, she chips away at just about everything about him. First, it’s his wardrobe, then it’s his taste in music. However, when she gets to his friends and his hobbies, she is usually kicked to the curb.

Miss “Suspiciously Jealous”: This woman is on edge all the time because she is very distrusting. Many times, she has been burnt in the past, so she is on guard for anything that looks or feels wrong. When a man first meets this woman, he sees her as a damsel in distress and wants to reassure her that he is nothing like that guy in her past. However, once she accuses him one too many times, he will have no choice to leave her because he can’t go through his life being prosecuted for somebody else’s crimes.

Miss “I Live For You And I Have Nothing Else Going On”: This woman is very difficult for a man to date, let alone marry. At first, he is flattered that she is so into him, but very quickly, he feels overwhelmed and suffocated by her. As a woman, you must have something going on in your own life so that you are not just waiting by the door for him to come home.

Miss “I Have Daddy Issues”: This woman usually dates older men and deep down is looking for a father figure, not a boyfriend or husband. Initially, her guy might like how she looks to him for approval and the answer to all of her questions, but soon, he realizes that he wants to have sex with a real woman, not someone who is stuck in her teen years trying to get Daddy to notice her.

Miss “I Speak To My Mother Five Times A Day About Everything”: This woman has her mother on speed dial and can’t seem to make a decision or do anything without getting her opinion. When a guy first meets her, he thinks it’s nice that she is so close to her family, but soon, he finds it to be way too much. A man just doesn’t want to have to ask her mother’s permission about things in his life.

Miss “Shhh, I Shouldn’t Really Be Saying This, But…”: This woman is like a human Page Six. She loves to gossip and talk about other people and she loves to hear things about other people as well. Initially when a guy meets her, he might be entertained by her anecdotes but eventually, he begins to wonder what she is saying behind his back.

Miss “Keeping Up With The Joneses”: This woman needs to be at least as good as everyone else she knows. She is constantly talking about what the other people do and what the other people have. This places a lot of undue pressure on her guy and eventually, he justs gets fed up that she can’t appreciate what they have instead of wishing she was someone else.

Miss “I Don’t Eat”: This woman picks at her food, is on a never-ending diet or doesn’t eat pretty much everything that most people eat. When a man first meets her, he thinks to himself, at least she will never become overweight, but eventually he realizes that it’s no fun to eat alone. The fact is men like to eat; they like steak, they like trying different foods, they like dessert and women should be eating too, at least sometimes.

Keep in mind that most men just want a happy and easy going woman who has good values, so just focus on putting the best YOU out there.

Can you think of any other types of women that are unattractive to men?

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