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5 Things to Do in 2014


If you are wondering what the New Year will bring, this is your chance to shine:

1. Live your life with purpose.
What are your goals? What is your passion? Life is too short to waste time doing things that don’t excite you. What you want are things to do that make you want to get up in the morning full of energy and ready to go! Start today researching the skills you need to start a new career or new hobby. Once you have a new career in mind, ask friends do they know someone in that field, maybe that person can become your mentor. Take classes to prepare yourself for your new career. The only way to change the way your life is heading is to take it in a new direction.

2. Help your community.
What would our communities be if it were not for volunteers? Volunteering is a way to give back, making it better for the next generation. Check online for volunteer opportunities. Don’t worry about having the time to volunteer, most volunteer positions work around your schedule.

3. Forgiving someone who has hurt you.
We have all done it, held onto past hurts and held grudges for so long that we don’t remember why we are mad at the person. Forgiving is good for your health and well being. When you can’t forgive it can cause illness. Forgive and move on.

4. Challenge yourself to learn something new.
Doing the same thing day in and day out can get pretty boring, so make 2014 a year to try at least one new thing, such as jet skiing, rock climbing, skating, or learning how to cook a new Italian dish. The possibilities are endless. There are so many things to try, don’t be scared just do it!

5. Passing on your wisdom and knowledge to a young person.
We talk about how are children are behind educationally compared to other countries and how our children are in need of more role models. Well, here is your chance, because learning doesn’t have to come from the teachers in the classrooms, take what you know and share it with a child or teenager. Open their minds up to new information and help them to become well rounded individuals. For the most part as parents, we want happy children who grow up to become productive citizens in society. It’s a good feeling when you know that you contributed to that by sharing what you know.

I hope the year 2014, will be bolder and better than you ever dreamed of. Make it happen!!


Woman it’s time to learn to love yourself!


The purpose of this article is to no longer exist in a year , two, most five , because then women over a 46  size (italian) will not need a special space dedicated to them, but will share the services of fashion to fifty percent with size zero models . It will be so, it is quite easy to make a prediction , if we consider that the plus size clothing market in the U.S. alone hides a treasure from $ 17 billion a year….

And to lead the succesful television show  X Factor USA is the beautiful shapely Khloe Kardashian , not Heidi Klum. This promise is for now a battle , carried out by a community of bloggers and transcontinental fashion activists over the past two years has done a loton the network. Some are so disruptive , and so beautiful, that the italian brand Marina Rinaldi has invited them…

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Your Baggage is Too Much For Me


Everybody has baggage, some have more than others and others have just enough. But why is it we tend to meet people that have a lot more baggage than we could ever think to be burden with. The stuff from their past is weighing them down and worse yet they want to drop it all on you. Hold up, now there are two people weighed down to the point of being fed up and tired, emotions out of control and in a whirlwind to the point of anger, hostility, and unhappiness, all the things that keep you from moving forward.

I don’t think it’s rude to find out how much baggage a person has or plans on bringing into a relationship or friendship, its important information to have and it’s your right to find out. Find out how much time and energy their baggage is going to require. Is it something that can be resolved quickly or is it something that could hinder growth and stall your own goals?

Don’t take their baggage lightly, ask questions and look for the red flags and don’t rush into anything. Be careful because some people are good at hiding their baggage and bringing out a little at a time. No one is perfect, but you don’t have to be the person to always carry the extra load and carry it too long. Extra drama you don’t need. Peace of mind you do.

Work on unloading as much of your own baggage as you can, so when you meet someone your baggage is light weight and manageable.

The Intersections of Life

If you are going to have a Plan A make sure you have a Plan B. There are so many decisions in life from which college to attend to how many children to have? We start preparing and planning for these things early in life. We write down our goals and share our dreams with family and our closest friends. Oh yes the picture is so clear, the plan and the ending, but it’s what happens along the way that can ruin even the best of plans.

When the ending arrives for some of those grandiose plans you have purposely made you shake your head and ask yourself, what went wrong? Saying things like this wasn’t the plan. I’ll tell you what happened you forgot about the stops along the way, the intersections and life’s little detours that are up ahead. No Plan B in sight.

We don’t think about the intersections when things are going smoothly, it’s when you come to a point where you have to make a decision, will I go left or right because straight is not an option anymore. We hesitate to make the turn because we don’t know which way is best and which turn will get me back on track to my beautifully laid out plan I have for my life. Now we are forced to turn, which would not be a complete surprise if we had only planned for the “what ifs”….if this happens I’ll do this and if this happens I’ll do that.

Stuff happens, so have a Plan B and deal with it or be disappointed and depressed about it. It will be at the intersections of your life that you will remember the game plan when things get off course. You will know which way to go because you took the extra time to think about the “what ifs” and put a plan in place for them. One wrong turn can end up being a maze of misery you can’t get out of. Wishing you could do it all over again and some do get a second chance, and look at all the time wasted.

It’s nice to plan, but plan for the unexpected so when the intersections come you will make the right decisions at every turn and still get the outcome that you desire and planned for from the beginning. Always work your plan and not someone else’s plan. That is their success story to tell, create your own plan to success and you will have a story all your own.

To successful planning and happy endings!!