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Best Beauty Buys 2014: Beauty Director Kahlana Barfield Explains How the Winning Products Make the Cut!


Met Gala 2014: Jay Z saves the day

The Marquee Blog

It wasn’t enough to come to Monday’s Met Gala and outshine all the other stars in attendance.

No, Jay Z and Beyoncé had to make us swoon, too.

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Laila Ali Apologizes To Kanye West For Baby Name Diss

Parents have the right to name their children whatever name they choose, however, if it happens to be an unusual name then of course the comments are sometimes good and sometimes negative. I think everyone should keep in mind that if we as adults say things about children, whether it it is about their name, weight or race then how do we expect our kids to respect each other. We are supposed to be the role models for our children, leading by example, so don’t expect more out of our kids if we can’t get it right.

Diva Moment Series:So You’ve Got a Big Ego

The DIVA Movement

Many of us have experienced them. The moment when you realize that you are actually throwing a temper tantrum. The moment you realize that everyone must have forgotten that the world revolves around you. The moment you realize that you aren’t actually a princess and everyone around you are your subjects. That’s right ladies, that moment is called a “DIVA Moment”. Let me start by saying that I believe that everyone is a queen, a crown jewel, a treasure and a prize. So I believe that a woman’s life should reflect all of these characteristics. However, we must do it with class, style and compassion.

So who’s up first? The iconic DIVA of film and music, Ms. Diana Ross. Ms. Ross’ infamous DIVA moments have gone on to inspire movies like “Dreamgirls”. These DIVA moments span many years and resulted in the breakup of a successful female group and the…

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