Celebrity Rally in Red Square

Get ready to dish on your favorite celebrities or least favorite celebs. Celebrity Rally In Red Square is the place to talk about actors, actresses, singers, rappers, and the glitz and glamour, the highs and the lows from the West coast to the East coast we will cover it all. If politicians interest you, we can add them too. Check out Celebrity Rally in Red Square and see what everyone is talking about.

Will Kim and Kanye ever be a Jay Z and Beyonce?

Jay Z and Beyonce are one of a kind, the super couple that can do just about anything and turn it into a fortune. Why does it work for them, it’s probably because they understand the business and it helps that both are in the same business and we can’t forget about love. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, they are cute together, but do they have what it takes for the long term or is the relationship just for show? I have always thought Jay Z and Beyonce had it all, and then came Blue Ivy now I know for sure that they do.


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