Woman it’s time to learn to love yourself!


The purpose of this article is to no longer exist in a year , two, most five , because then women over a 46  size (italian) will not need a special space dedicated to them, but will share the services of fashion to fifty percent with size zero models . It will be so, it is quite easy to make a prediction , if we consider that the plus size clothing market in the U.S. alone hides a treasure from $ 17 billion a year….

And to lead the succesful television show  X Factor USA is the beautiful shapely Khloe Kardashian , not Heidi Klum. This promise is for now a battle , carried out by a community of bloggers and transcontinental fashion activists over the past two years has done a loton the network. Some are so disruptive , and so beautiful, that the italian brand Marina Rinaldi has invited them…

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Getting the Man That Is On Your Radar

To Get the Guy You Want
1. Be approachable, likeable and smile.
2. Always be yourself, don’t be fake and let him see the real you at all times.
3. Don’t talk about your ex. good or bad it might sound like you are not really over him.
4. Don’t ask him about marriage, you don’t want to scare him off.
5. Love the game, football, basketball, golf, etc. a girl who likes sports and can talk about sports, he will think he hit the jackpot!
6. Have fun; know how to have fun with and without him. This will show him that you are not clingy and you have a life of your own.
7. Give him space and understand that men will be men. He is going to hang out with the fellas, so don’t be mad, it is a waste of time.

How To Keep Your Guy
1. Don’t nag.
2. Ask about his mother. Get along with his mother.
3. Cook his favorite meals.
4. Surprise him with tickets to a game to watch his favorite pro team.
5. Sex! Sex! Sex! Different positions and different locations. Ladies that includes oral sex too.
6. Keep doing the seven tips listed in “To Get the Guy You Want.”

He Loves You, but He Likes Her, Her, and Her: Why You Are Not the Only One

Men are a different species for sure. What do men want, really? What do they like? The answer is women and every now and then it’s more than one woman at one time. I don’t think men set out to hurt women, but there are so many women to choose from. They have more to choose from because as we all know there are more women than there are men and that adds up to more choices. Out of all the selections that men get to make in their lives this one offers the biggest selection.

The dilemma being that so many women catch their eye and temptation is all around them. Some men do want commitment, but what happens when he begins to like someone else? Is the love for you strong enough that he will not stray and feed the “I like her” curiosity? Women I encourage you to talk to some of your male friends and find out what makes them tick. I have talked to some, and one of the reasons men stray is because of this one thing; they like variety. They want something different; they don’t want to lose you, they just want something different sometimes.

Ladies, I am not saying that this is okay or saying that you should accept this, I just want to bring more awareness to something that is a big issue for a lot of women and provide at least one answer to why you are not the only one. If you know of other reasons please share.

Some men are faithful and there are many men that are not faithful. For those of you living with or married to a faithful man count it a blessing and for everyone else trying and hoping he will change, I guess you have some decisions to make.

Laila Ali Apologizes To Kanye West For Baby Name Diss

Parents have the right to name their children whatever name they choose, however, if it happens to be an unusual name then of course the comments are sometimes good and sometimes negative. I think everyone should keep in mind that if we as adults say things about children, whether it it is about their name, weight or race then how do we expect our kids to respect each other. We are supposed to be the role models for our children, leading by example, so don’t expect more out of our kids if we can’t get it right.

Your Baggage is Too Much For Me


Everybody has baggage, some have more than others and others have just enough. But why is it we tend to meet people that have a lot more baggage than we could ever think to be burden with. The stuff from their past is weighing them down and worse yet they want to drop it all on you. Hold up, now there are two people weighed down to the point of being fed up and tired, emotions out of control and in a whirlwind to the point of anger, hostility, and unhappiness, all the things that keep you from moving forward.

I don’t think it’s rude to find out how much baggage a person has or plans on bringing into a relationship or friendship, its important information to have and it’s your right to find out. Find out how much time and energy their baggage is going to require. Is it something that can be resolved quickly or is it something that could hinder growth and stall your own goals?

Don’t take their baggage lightly, ask questions and look for the red flags and don’t rush into anything. Be careful because some people are good at hiding their baggage and bringing out a little at a time. No one is perfect, but you don’t have to be the person to always carry the extra load and carry it too long. Extra drama you don’t need. Peace of mind you do.

Work on unloading as much of your own baggage as you can, so when you meet someone your baggage is light weight and manageable.