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The Diva Movement-Ohio


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The Diva Movement turns One

Celebrating one year of impacting the lives of women

On March 22,2014 approximately 200 men and women gathered to celebrate the anniversary of The Diva Movement.  We had a wonderful evening of entertainment, musical and spoken word performances from a Stellar cast of artists and musicians.  We would like to say “Thank You” to everyone that was involved in making the celebration a tremendous success.  We look forward to another successful year of serving women worldwide.  For pictures and highlights please visit our website.



Getting the Man That Is On Your Radar

To Get the Guy You Want
1. Be approachable, likeable and smile.
2. Always be yourself, don’t be fake and let him see the real you at all times.
3. Don’t talk about your ex. good or bad it might sound like you are not really over him.
4. Don’t ask him about marriage, you don’t want to scare him off.
5. Love the game, football, basketball, golf, etc. a girl who likes sports and can talk about sports, he will think he hit the jackpot!
6. Have fun; know how to have fun with and without him. This will show him that you are not clingy and you have a life of your own.
7. Give him space and understand that men will be men. He is going to hang out with the fellas, so don’t be mad, it is a waste of time.

How To Keep Your Guy
1. Don’t nag.
2. Ask about his mother. Get along with his mother.
3. Cook his favorite meals.
4. Surprise him with tickets to a game to watch his favorite pro team.
5. Sex! Sex! Sex! Different positions and different locations. Ladies that includes oral sex too.
6. Keep doing the seven tips listed in “To Get the Guy You Want.”

Welcome to Glamour Street

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Yes, we all need a little help from time to time getting dressed for that special occasion, hot date, or maybe even an interview. If you are looking for fresh ways to pull it all together, or something new to wear, my Glamour Street blog has got you covered. Let us know what you are wearing to a concert, dinner party, or an executive meeting. Share your fashion tips with the rest of the world. Come down Glamour Street and enjoy fashion at its best!


She Thinks She Is All That

The stuff we say about other women is downright wrong. The whispers, the stares, the name calling and back stabbing, reveal insecurity and jealousy that is completely insane. What is the problem with women? What is it about belittling each other that brings great pleasure? Why do we have clicks, when we should have a class of women being the guiding force behind the next generation of girls?

When women say “she thinks she is all that”, it’s not an accurate statement or observation. The truth is the woman saying those words is the one thinking that, not the one being ridiculed. No one knows what she is thinking. She may be thinking about her children, career, mortgage, bills, school, husband, boyfriend, her parents or what book she is going to read next. So, unless we are willing to converse with her and get to know where she is coming from and what makes her the woman she is today, then we should not assume that conceit is on her mind.

The tongue must be tamed, because we use it more often for negativity, than to lift up the sisterhood. Women are strong and intelligent, but the issue is some women think that strength and intelligence is only for them.

Come on ladies, is she really a “bitch”? I doubt it very seriously. Are you a “bitch”? I doubt that very seriously as well.

Women complain about men being interested only in their physical bodies and not their intellect. When men see the physical; a woman with a nice body, they think of beauty and sex. When women see the physical; a woman with a nice body, they despise her. Who is right? Who is wrong?

Look past the physical and stop trying to make your thoughts the thoughts of the woman you are hatin’ on. How do women look at other women and decide just by looking at them that they are not going t like them? Look in the mirror, and find out who is the real problem.

Women stop disrespecting one another. If you don’t want a man calling you a “bitch” then why do you do it to other women? Then we wonder why our young girls are slandering other young girls. What are you showing them in your actions and speech? Calling a women by a name other than the name she was given at birth, says a lot about the character of the woman spewing out the hateful words.

I love men, because the jealousy and craziness is not on their radar. Give men the triple pack: sex, sports, and good cooking and they are good. NO DRAMA.

A woman who is confident, knows what she wants, knows what she will and will not accept, educated, self sufficient, career oriented, taking great pride in her health and how she looks and handles her business, is a woman worth knowing. She is focused, she has paid her dues, and she is a woman creating a path for other women. She has earned respect, because she gives respect.

Women get it together and support one another. If you think she is all that, then tell her she is ALL THAT and fabulous too!!